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Alistair Cockburn à Sophia-Antipolis le 29 août 2014 – Webinar

Alistair Cockburn à Sophia-Antipolis le 29 août 2014 – Webinar


Alistair Cockburn à Sophia-Antipolis, 2014

& Free live Webinar access 🙂

We are happy to have Alistair Cockburn with us for this session in Nice/Sophia-Antipolis (French Riviera).

The format will be an Interview / Talk where Alistair will provide us his personal vision of Agility

Here is the Webinar access  so that anyone can attend from anyplace,  all French SUG members and more could remotely attend.

Alistair is one of the few key founders of the Agile Movement.

He is one of the signatories of the Agile Manifesto.

Alistair is probably one of the most innovative, creative and open sharer amongst the founders of the Agile movement.

Alistair Cockburn on Wikipedia.

I am already grateful to him for coming in with us (thanks as well to Franck W.)!

Please do NOT register to the meetup if you are not sure to attend physically in Nice/Sophia South France, as the capacity is very limited.

Instead you can register to the Webinar to Watch Alistair and ask your questions via chat for the individual participant, and via video conf for the groups who will participate

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